Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Running to a Scratchy Halt

My week started out pretty good in terms of running. I wasn't burning up the sidewalks but I was keeping pace.

Sunday - 2.04 miles - balance bike walk with the kids.

Monday - 4.0 miles, 53 minutes. W10 (R5 W1)x6, Walk rest.

Wednesday - 4.59 miles, 1 hour. W5, (R5 W1)x5, Walk 5.

Friday - 3.95 miles, 1 hour. A walk.

Ok, so Friday I walked so that I could run on Saturday except that Friday afternoon my throat started getting sore. It was sore all weekend and has continued although now it's not so much sore as I just have a nagging cough. Blech. I want to stop getting sick so I can run consistently. I also think this puts my goal of covering 100 miles in May out of reach.

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