Wednesday, January 12, 2011

.1 Miles to Go

One of the fun little features of the Nike Running site is that you can set goals for yourself. You can set a "run more" which means x miles in y weeks or "run more often" which means x runs in y weeks or "run faster" which means x runs of z speed or less in y weeks. There's also a burn calories one but that makes no sense to me since I use a HRM for my calorie calculations and find them not that useful in tracking my running progress. So a few weeks ago I set a "run more" goal of 55 miles. I never check up on these things but if you haven't met a goal or completed a challenge you always get an e-mail from Nike+ saying "your deadline is approaching..." I got one the other day and hit the view goal button and saw this.

Ha ha. I'm 1/10 of a mile from meeting the goal by next Tuesday. Although I've been sleepy and lazy the last two days, I think I can meet that.

Now I just hope I haven't cursed myself.

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