Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Week's Runs

Wow. It's a lot of running since Nike+'s week goes from Sunday to Saturday. I think around 31-32 miles for the week. But since I summarized Sunday last week:

Tuesday - Scheduled 6 miles. Actual 5.05 miles 1:00:06 - 11.53/mile. I ran outside in the afternoon which was great because there was actual sunshine. It's probably been 2 months since I've run in sunlight. Very nice.
Thursday - Scheduled 6 miles. Actual 4.04 miles. 49:02 12:07/mile. I was feeling very sluggish and only my motivation to not miss a run for the 3rd straight week got me out the door at all.

Saturday - Scheduled 11 miles. Actual 11 miles. 2:18 12:34/mile. Av hr 166/min. 2750+ calories. It was slower than the run on Sunday but felt much much easier. I think a big part of that was the hills/no hills. I ran at the park which is about 3/4 or more trail surface rather than asphalt/concrete. I also felt really good about my form. I listened through the Chi Running recording twice while running.
Sunday - I walked the kids over to the park to play and back. ChocolateDaughter rode her balance bike and ChocolateSon walked. According to iMapMyRun, it was .7 miles each way but I didn't record it on the Nike+ .

This is my January runs according to Nike Running. I missed two runs during the week but I still did 82.92 miles which is probably my most ever in a month.

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