Monday, January 17, 2011

Last Week's Runs

I skipped a run last week due to staying up late and lazyness but I still had some nice runs and put up nice miles. True, the reason for the nice miles was that the prior Saturday run was scheduled for Sunday but still...
Sunday - Scheduled 10.2 (2 mile warm-up, 6.2 time trial, 2 mile warm-down). Actual 10.2 mile, 1:59 (11:40/mile). I ran at the gym on the treadmill due to the weather. I don't remember my average heart rate but my total calories burned was over 2300 for the 2 hour period. The Nike+ definitely recorded higher miles than the treadmills (1 - a new one that I used for the first 35 minutes, 2 - an old one that I used for 30 minutes then took a (2 minute) break to go to the bathroom and fill my water bottle, 3 - finishing off on the old one). I accepted the Nike+ mileage.
Tuesday - Scheduled 5 miles. I skipped it.
Thursday - Scheduled 6 miles with tempos. Actual - 5.03 1:06 (13:10/mile). I got to the gym earlier than usual to do the 6 miles but just wasn't going that fast I guess. I had to stop at 6:35 to stretch and shower. I used the second treadmill from Sunday and this time the Nike+ and treadmill miles matched exactly.
Saturday - Scheduled 10 miles. Actual - 10.1 miles. 2:00:29 (11:56/mile). According to the Nike + I ran about 10.75. According to the treadmill (a different one) I ran about 9.35. I split the difference. It felt like a really really good run and I was not sore like I was after the Sunday run. Ok, I was a little sore but mostly just because I had blisters on the bottom of both pinkie toes.
I only did the core workout 1 time last week. I need to pick that up this week.

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