Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Goals

Last year I posted 3 goals. My progress on them:

  • Donate Blood Platelets 12x or more. I just looked and it looks like I did 16 double donations this year. So I beat that goal pretty handily. I've got a new boss at work and I don't feel as comfortable regularly taking time off to donate so it's pretty much stopped at this point. I may just donate blood at the drives we have at work this coming year since they're easier to get to.
  • Volunteer at a few rides or runs. Pretty vague. I volunteered at the Austin Marathon on Valentine's Day handing out Water and drinks. That was it.
  • Be more forgiving - I actually think I'll give myself a thumbs-up on this one. I have felt like I wasn't holding on to issues as long and I've been praying a lot to help me give up being angry or resentful.

So what are my 2011 goals?

I can't say that I have very many specific goals for 2011. I want to feel happy, to be relaxed, to be a good parent and a loving partner. And I want to run.

  • Run the Austin Livestrong Half-Marathon 2/20. (Committed).
  • Raise >$750 for said Half-Marathon (I'm at about $500)

How far, how much do I want to run this year? Do I want to set these goals?

  • Run 500 miles (9.61 miles per week)
  • Run 750 miles (14.42 miles per week)
  • Run 1000 miles (19.23 miles per week)

I've joined Nike Running challenges for the first two distances. I've also joined one that purports to be running across Texas from Orange to El Paso (1476 km or 915 miles).

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