Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last Week's Runs

I had good runs last week. I still felt like I was struggling with getting my Nike+ calibrated but I actually feel like it's pretty well calibrated now.

Tuesday - Scheduled 4.0 + 15 minutes strength. Actual 4.0. I took R's smart phone and used the GPS to calibrate my Nike+. It was about 5% high at 4.24 miles so I lowered it to 4.0. 47.45 11:57/mile.
Thursday - Scheduled 5.0 with tempos. Actual 5.0 with tempos. 1:05 12:57/mile. Slow, slow, slow. I'm not sure why.
Saturday - Scheduled 5.0. Actual 5.0. 59:57 11:57/mile.

I've been feeling like this program is somewhat too easy but I looked at the next Nike+ coach program (intermediate 1) and it's significantly more. In particular it has a number of 6 or 7 mile runs on weekdays which are very hard for me. Any run over 5 miles requires me to get up earlier than 5:00 which seems a bit insane (even for me).

Rather than change my program I decided this week to make two additions:
  • Add core work a few evenings a week. I did the LoLo Jones Core workout that was on the Runner's world site Sunday evening and will try to do it 3x a week, possibly augmenting with a few more exercises.
  • Add more walking days.
Also, two friends/relatives mde donations on 12/31 and another friend surprised me with a donation today. So my fund raising is going well.

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