Monday, January 24, 2011

Last Week's Runs

It doesn't look like much does it? That's because it's not.
Tuesday - Scheduled 6 miles. Actual 5.04 miles. 1:00:26 or 11:58/mile. I've come to the conclusion that at my current pace, it's simply not feasible for me to do 6 mile runs before work. Most of the remainder of the training runs for my 1/2 are 6 miles in the mornings so most of those will be 5 miles.
Thursday - Scheduled 6 miles. Actual - got up, very sick to my stomach. You don't want details but it's Gluten/Gluten-free related. Also, I unintentionally ate Gluten Wednesday evening and have now reset my no-Gluten for 3 weeks clock.
Saturday - Scheduled 11 miles. Actual - no running because we had ChocolateSon's party on Saturday and were getting ready for it all day, then having it.
Sunday - Saturday's 11 mile run. 2:12 (12:04/mile). Av hr 170. Calories - 2500+ I took my car to the shop for an oil change and then ran on the streets near there. I ended up running a street I'd never gone before and found some very nice up and down hills. It was good hill practice and the most hill running I've ever done but I think made my first 6-7 miles really tire me out for the last few miles. By the end I was pretty much running 2 minutes, walking 45-60 seconds. Considering the number of times I had to stop and wait for traffic lights, I'm pretty happy with the time. Without all those traffic lights, it would have been less than 12:00.
I'm not particularly sore from running today. But I am chaffed. I was wearing a very very old pair of hand-me-down tights. Last week when I ran in the them (5 miles) I got chaffed between the legs but this week was really bad. I put on some glide but of course the tights rubbed it off immediately. Within a mile or two of starting I could feel chaffing and thought that the tights were so old and worn that they were pulling down too much. It was uncomfortable the entire run. Well, I stretched and paid for my car and got in and looked and there was about a 4 inch diameter hole in one leg so no wonder they weren't helping. That leg just brushed and brushed against the other tight for 11 miles. It's torn up! I don't know if I'll be able to run tomorrow because of it.
The good news is that I had ordered a new pair of running tights (with reflective stripe) and new long sleeve tech shirt (fully reflective) Friday. They actually shipped within an hour of order so I'm hoping they will arrive soon.
Depending on my legs, I hope to have a better running week this week.

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