Thursday, February 23, 2012

Training Plan for Austin 10/20 - Maybe

I'm undecided about what training plan to use for the Austin 10/20 in April.  I think that the Jeff Galloway Training Plans book has a 10 mile training plan but he doesn't have one on his website.  I'm guessing that the plan is 45 minute run Tuesday, 45 minute run Thursday, easy walk Friday, and alternating long run (probably going up to 13 miles) Sunday with speedwork.  I brought up a training plan on Runner's World Smart Coach online.  I actually had to redo the plan because at first I put in the 2:41 half-marathon time but I felt like that plan wasn't aggressive enough so I changed it to my magic mile pace of 9:46 and reproduced the plan.  The plan looks pretty reasonable with nice target paces including the long runs nearly every weekend.  My biggest problem would be fitting in the Thursday runs.  Most of them are 6 miles and I can't cover that distance in the time I have during my lunch hour.  Still I'm leaning toward trying this plan (starting next Monday) for my next race.

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